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General Conditions

Rates vary according to the kind and volume of work.

The count of words, pages or sheets are done on the original text.

The invoice shall be sent together with the translation the stipulated time of delivery. The payment of the translation shall be done through bank transfer, money order, check or cash, and shall be effective within

30 days after the delivery of the translation unless otherwise specified previously. Failure to comply with the

stipulated term of payment shall result in a 10% additional cost on the final price of the translation project

unless otherwise specified previously.

In case of bank transfer or money order, the bank charges shall be met by the client.

If the general condition are agreed on in full by the client, an agreement is signed between the parties

(client and translator), binding then on the above general conditions.

Special Jobs & Applicable Additional Charges.

Urgent translation projects may involve the work of many translators outside office hours and/or weekends.

Therefore an additional charge (between 15 and 30%, according to the work load) shall be applied in case

of urgent translation projects. By urgent translation projects, it is understood any project to be delivered 24

hours after the reception of the original document, or any project received on Friday to be delivered on next

Sunday, or any project which involves the translation of more than 2,000 words or more daily, or 7.000

words or more weekly.

Unless otherwise specified previously, sworn translations shall always be handed over personally, through

regular mail or courier service; this is so since the translation must be done having the original document

dully signed and sealed, and subsequently signed and sealed by a translator registered in a Translator’s


An additional cost of 15% shall be applied to original documents received in paper or by fax.

A special quotation shall be done for words without contexts, as menus, text-based advertising, glossaries,